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Unit 5,Culture and Verbal Communication,,Two Japanese who knew some Chinese were one day at a Beijing subway station. They saw a warning sign which read Xiaoxin di hua 小心地滑)They were very much surprised to see that nobody around them was skating, though the floor was really very smooth. In a laundry, when a man saw the sign “when light flashes, remove clothes”, he took off all his clothes.,Cultural thought pattern,,四个词语牛、长颈鹿、草、面包树。将其中的两个词连在一起。,,西方人会把牛和长颈鹿放在一起,因为都属于动物,把面包树和草放在一起,因为都属植物。 东方人会想到牛吃草,长颈鹿吃面包树上的叶子。,Compare the following two spoken discourse and decide which one might be given by a Chinese and which by an American Because most of our production is done in China now, and its not really certain how Hong Kong will be like after 1997, and since I think a certain amount of caution in committing to TV advertisement is necessary because of the expense. So, I suggest that we delay making our decision until after Legco makes its decision.,Inductive pattern topic delayed,Which is given by a Chinese Which by an American,B. I suggest that we delay making our decision until after Legco makes its decision. Thats because I think a certain amount of caution in committing to TV advertisement is necessary because of the expense. In addition to that, most of our production is done in China now, and its not really certain how Hong Kong will be like after 1997.,deductive pattern topic first,Different Communication Styles,东方归纳法(个别一般) VS 西方演绎(一般个别) induction specific general deduction general specific,--Pay Attention to Your Words,,Case 1 Shoes for Street Walking,It is said that in Rome, in front of a shoe store, there was such a sign to attract English-speaking customers Shoes for street walking. Come in and have a fit. The sign caught the attention of many English-speaking tourists, but not to look at the shoes displayed in the windows, but to read the sign and then break out into laughter.,,“Careful with fire,” is good advice, we know; “Careful with words,” is ten times doubly so. ---Will Carleton, The First Settlers Story,More Cases,I must let you know that I feel very uncomfortable. 跟你在一起,我觉得很尴尬,不舒服。 I dont feel well. 我身体不太舒服。,Please dont feed the animals. If you have suitable food, please give it to the guard. 不要喂动物,有好吃的请给看守人吃。 If you have suitable food, please give it to the guard and let him/her feed the animal.,这个女孩很纯洁。,She is a pure girl. 她是个百分之百的女人。 She is very pure-hearted. 她很单纯。pure in heart Nave天真,贬义,,I am a very clever boy. 我是一个和狡猾的男孩。 英语中clever带有贬义,机灵的,狡猾的 I am a smart/bright boy.,,Chinese people are very simple. 中国人有点傻 Chinese people are pure-hearted/down-to-earth. 中国人很朴实。,Many times when I talk with a Chinese friend there will be some difficult word or expression that they are not sure about. Usually they will tell me the word and then ask, How do I say that Usually my answer is, With your mouth. In English, 怎么做某事,can only be understood in a literal way. What they should ask is “How do I express that in English” How do you think about it 你是怎么想的 ----I think about it with my brain. 我用我的大脑想。 What do you think about it,Being from Canada I tend to prefer cooler weather. One particularly hot day I walked into the classroom and one student, seeing how sweaty I was, commented, teacher, you look so hot. Some students understood the double meaning of hot and laughed. What she could have said was you must be uncomfortable in this heat. In English the word hot of means 热. But in spoken English, hot also means very attractive, or sexy, so never say someone looks hot unless you really like them.,One time I let my university writing class write about dating and their thoughts on the matter. One student wrote about her boyfriend Tina was painful when her boyfriend left her. Somehow I knew this wasnt her meaning; in English “was painful” usually means “was painful to be around” 令人痛苦的, thus making her sentence meanTina和她的男朋友分手的时候我真受不了她,跟她一起我很受罪。 What she meant to was Tina was upset/in pain when her boyfriend left her.,,I was sick in the head. Really You seem like a normal person to me. 我曾是个神经病。 I had a headache.,A student of mine once came up to me after class and told me about some trouble he was having with the class. His next sentence took me by surprise though teacher, dont expect me too much. I told him that he shouldnt skip class just because he was having difficulties. It was then that I found out his meaning was dont expect too much of me. teacher, dont expect me too much.以后我可能很少来上课 dont expect too much of me. 别对我期望太高,I remember when I first came to China I once attended an English Corner. The students had many questions about me and about life in Western countries. One student asked me a particularly interesting question, “Why do foreigners have such big noses” Another student tried to correct her and said, “Her meaning is, why do foreigners have such high noses” Both of these are inappropriate. The first is rather rude. The second sounds like为什么你们鼻子的位置那么高My feelings were hurt. The correct way of asking this question is, why do foreigners have such long noses,In China I often hear adults use the word play. In English, the word play can only be used for young kids. A sentence like, “On the weekends, I like to get together and play with my colleagues” can not be expressed like this in English. 我和我的同事一起玩小孩子的游戏 On the weekends I like to get together and have fun with my colleagues.,We two are who and who 咱俩谁跟谁呀 Who am I Who are you Not a big deal. were friends. Look, it is people mountain people sea. There is a sea of people.人山人海 I give you face, you dont want a face, you lose your face, I turn my face. 我给你脸,你不要脸,你丢脸,我翻脸。 Im giving you a chance to redeem赎回 yourself and yet you wont take it. You shame yourself and you anger me.,D Helen and her husband, John, are on their vacation. They are now lying on the beach. J Oh, what lovely sunshine I really miss it so much. H Thats right. We are so busy recently. J It seems we havent bee out for ages. Look, your skin looks so white. 在中国,说某人的皮肤白通常是夸奖,但在西方,多半是暗示你不够健康,需要多晒太阳。当今的欧美社会,最流行的肤色是sun-tanned color 古铜色, 那才是健康和有钱的标志,因为一个为生活奔波的人怎么会有闲心去海边晒太阳呢,D Xiaoli is getting prepared for the 100-meter-race. Mary Hi, xiaoli, is everything OK Xiaoli Yes, the only thing is that Im a little bit nervous. Mary Dont worry about it. I hear you are one of the best among the racers. Xiaoli Thank you. Ill try my best Mary I hope you break a leg. X Break a leg But why 在中世纪的时候,戏院里的演员都很迷信,认为说话的时候会有邪恶的幽灵在一旁偷听,而且他们听到祝福的话语就会使灾祸发生。于是,人们干脆正话反说,祝别人倒霉,因为在他们看来,这样反而会有好事发生。 Good luck. Success,Culture-Loaded Words文化负载词;文化内涵词,Hes from Missouri. 他很精明.(密苏里的商人很精明,从不吃亏) He eats no fish and plays the game. 他为人正直可靠。 英国历史上新旧教派之间的争斗一度十分激烈,旧教的教规规定,斋日里只能吃鱼,而新教徒推翻旧教以后,拒绝在斋日吃鱼,以示终于旧教 Play the game 遵守比赛规则,行动光明正大。,



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