1、第一部分:交际用语1.How are you, Bob?_ B. Im fine. Thank you. Ted.2. Thanks for your help. _ A. My pleasure.3. Hello, Im Harry Potter.Hello, my name is Charles Green, but _ C. call me Charles或 D. call Charles me 4. Paul, B. whos talking over there?Oh, thats my father! And beside him, my mother.5. Hi, Tom, hows everything with you? B. Hm, not too bad, and how are you?6. Thats a beautiful dress you have on!A. Oh, thanks. I got it yesterday.7. Why did。

2、大学英语四级短语词组总汇 大学英语四级短语词组总汇 第 18 页 共 18 页 A be able to能,会 abound in盛产,富于,充满 be about to即将(做) above all首先,首要,尤其是 be absorbed in专心致力于 be abundant in富于,丰富 by accident偶然 in accordance with与一致;。

3、2011 年9 月真题1 第一部分:交际用语(共5小题;每小题3分,满分15分)_How do I get to the cinema?_ _.Its very far B. Yes, theres a cinema hereC. Its well-known D. Go down this street and turn leftCan you help me?A. No, I dont know B. Sure. What is it?C. Dont mention it D. Thats it Its rather cold in here, do you mind if I close the window?A. Yes, please B. No, go ahead C. Sure, please D. I dont like it -Excuse me, could you show me the way to the。





8、大学英语课简单的自我介绍大学英语课简单的自我介绍篇一:Good morning/afternoon:It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview. I hope I can make a good performance today.My name is xx. I am 20 years old,born in a little village in Southern Zhejiang. My parents are farmers,and I am the only child. Though not well-to-do,the family always be hopeful. My major is engineering technology. I will graduate in July,20xx. I have some hobbies like listening to music,swimming,and especia。

9、 Rules: First, all of you will be divided into 4 groups, each line as a group. Second, the first student of each group will be given a sentence and he or she is expected to pass this to the next student until the last one. Then, the last student is required to write the sentence on the blackboard. Last, the group which writes the most incorrect sentence will be punished (sing an English song, dance, tell a joke) Attention: During the process, try your best not to let others (except the one yo。

10、大学英语课前三分钟演讲稿精选范文 范文一 when i was seven, i started learning english. i played games and sang english songs with other children. sometimes, i watched english cartoons. its funny. then i discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the english world. i hope i can travel around the world someday. i want to go to america to visit washington, because my cousin is over there. of course, i want to go to london too, because england is where english language deve。

11、大学英语课前三分钟演讲稿大全 篇一 As you slowly open your eyes, look around , 当你慢慢睁开眼睛的时候 , 环顾四周 , Notice where the light comes into your room; 注意到阳光是从什么地方射到你的房间 ; feel with your body and spirit, and see if you can sense the freshness in the air. 用你的身心去感觉 , 看看你是否能感受到空气中 散发出的新鲜气息。 listen carefully, see if there are new sounds you can recognize; 仔细听听 , 看看你可以辨认出新的声音 ; Yes, yes, yes, its a new day, its a different day, and 。

12、大学英语课的总结 大学英语课的总结篇一 走进大学,英语学习是必然的,虽然英语成绩不是太理想,但是从几 年的学习过程中也领会了一些怎样应用策略的方法,如何学习才能更家对 英语有兴趣。最终学好英语一定要多下功夫。应做到 “ 四勤 ” 与 “ 四多 ” , 具体说来,有以下几点: 一、 “ 四勤 ” 1.勤背诵。 2.勤朗读。 3.勤练习。 4.勤总结。 积极记忆课本中出现的生词及词组,理解其用法,并适当运用一些正、 反义词对比,相似词对比等方式加强记忆。相对于其它学科来说,英语的 知识点相当零碎,一定要在平时的收集、整理、总结上下。

13、 (crosstalk) Do you know which famous corsstalk performers? Do you think say crosstalk need to have what conditions? Question 1、What is the crosstalk show? 2、The artistic characteristics of the crosstalk. 3、The historical evolution of the crosstalk. 4、The development of the crosstalk. ContentsContents A kind of folk vocal(声乐) music art. Mainly uses the oral form. Is rooted in the folk, from life, and welcome by the masses of vocal performance art form. 一种民间说唱曲艺。主要采用口头方。

14、Self introduction XXX X班 Hello everyone, my name is Xiao Linbo, I come from Daye , Hubei . It is a scenic wonderland , and there are a lot of people I love . First of all , Id like to introduce my family to you. They will always be my favorite persons. I like sports, such as running, badminton, but what I like most is riding. After entering college, I met a group of very interesting roommates. ormitory There are many people like foreign stars, and so do I . I l。

15、Unit(1)1. The doctors discovery will have a ( profound深度的;知识渊博的) influence on mankind.2. She was overwhelmed with ( jealousy 妒忌) when she heard that he had been given a promotion.3. I went to the beach ( numerous 很多的) times last summer.4. You are ( overweight 超重的) and so you should eat less.5. When you learn a second language you have many difficulties to ( overcome战胜;克服).6. If you keep practicing ,you might ( eventually最后,终于) become a good dancer.7. Exercising is one of 。


17、Unit 1攻势已经持续了三天,但是我们并没有取得多少进展。师长命令我们营夜晚绕到敌人后方发起突然袭击。然而,要绕到敌人后方,我们必须越过一片沼泽地。我们很多人担心会陷入泥潭之中。我们营长决定冒一下险。所幸由于寒冷天气沼泽地都结上了冰,我们于天亮前到达目的地并从敌人后方发起进攻。这一下扭转了战局。敌人没有戒备,不久便投降了。The offensive had lasted three days, but we had not gained much ground. The division commander instructed our battalion to get around to the rear of the enemy at night and launch a surp。

18、Translation of unit 11. You should spend a reasonable amount of time relaxing and exercising. 你应该适当花一点时间休息和锻炼。(reasonable )2. In general, children are healthier and better educated than ever before. 总的来说,孩子们比过去任何时候都更健康,受到了更好的教育。(in general) 3. When the right opportunity comes along, hell take it. 待适当的机会来临,他就能抓住。(come along) 4. Every day he sets aside some time to be with his family and enjoy life. 每天他都留出点时间跟家里人在一起,享受。

19、好好学习 天天向上 英语必须不能挂 一、选词填空 大学英语 3 期末考点总结 5 Unit1 A homesteader (自耕农) is a person who lives a self-reliant lifestyle with major emphasison homeproduction.whiletheIndustrialAgeis beingreplacedby infor。

20、浙大版-课内阅读参考译文及课后习题答案(Book 4)Unit 1享受幽默什么东西令人开怀?1 听了一个有趣的故事会发笑、很开心,古今中外都一样。这一现象或许同语言本身一样悠久。那么,到底是什么东西会使一个故事或笑话让人感到滑稽可笑的呢?2 我是第一次辨识出幽默便喜欢上它的人,因此我曾试图跟学生议论和探讨幽默。这些学生文化差异很大,有来自拉丁美洲的,也有来自中国的。我还认真地思考过一些滑稽有趣的故事。这么做完全是出于自己的喜好。3 为什么听我讲完一个笑话后,班上有些学生会笑得前仰后合,而其他学生看上去就像刚听我读了。

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